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[[Roleplay Blog for Death of the Endless.]]

by kenglye

[F2F] Death/Pietro: murder she wrote? pft nah.

He winced and held the back of his head the moment her hand left it, uttering out a moan. “Ow!” He complained. The more she spoke, the more confused he was. “I don’t care! It was their choice to keep me here.” He pulled the sheets off, climbing out of the bed. “Which you didn’t need to do!” he shouted in Hank’s direction, taken aback when the blue mutant didn’t even flinch. He stood quietly for a moment, then turned back to look at her.

She was on the other side of the bed, and between them he lay, still attached to medical equipment and tubing. It was a chilling sight, and Pietro was caught staring at his sickly, lifeless form. “… Well…” He blinked. “This… makes things different.” he looked directly at her. “Who are you… really?”

"Wow, you sure are a lively one!" Didi clapped her hands together at the sight of him suddenly jumping from his hospital bed to—of course…yell at the kind man who had been taking care of him. The sight caused her black grin to falter ever so slightly before it resumed it’s stature—oh it was always fun to watch their confusion. It could play out in many different ways. 

"Who do you think I am, Pietro?" The answer was always different but always, always amusing. She joined him in standing, leaning apon her black umbrella. She looked down to his unmoving body and tsk’d. "To think this could have been avoided. You know Pietro you don’t look so good. Perhaps a little sick?" She held back a few giggles; it was rather unprofessional of her to be making such jokes. 

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[F2F] Death/Pietro: murder she wrote? pft nah.

A groggy and somewhat annoyed grunt came from the young man as his nose was flicked, thus waking him. He hand reached up to bat whatever it was away before he sat up and opened his eyes. “Ugh. I feel like I slept for a week…” He stopped dead still when he heard the unfamiliar, yet familiar voice. He looked over with a furrowed brow and a slightly sneered mouth. “… Who are you?”

She looked odd to him. Skin white as snow and hair as black as nothing. She wore an ankh around her neck, and seemed rather pleasant. “… A social worker? I’m over eighteen. Or wait, let me guess, you’ve been sent here to ask me questions about what happened for the police, right? Send in the nice lady to sneak the snitch out.” Then it caught up with him. He wasn’t in the hospital. Looking around, he quickly denoted his whereabouts. “Oy vey… I’m at Institute for Gifted Geeks.” He sighed melodramatically. “You one of them, then?”

Didi smiled rather pleasantly as he stirred and awoke. She knew he’d be a quick talker and one that loves to get in every single thought and always finish with the last word. She sat quietly and presented the boy with a smile that leaked warmth as he rambled on and on and before his last word was completed, Didi landed a nice whack to the back of the boys head. 

"And what if I was, Pietro? Would that be a problem?" Truly her gift was the greatest in the universe for him right now. "Tsk tsk, it’s a shame" She waggled a pale finger at him. "It was your mouth that got you into this mess, yes? And here you are running it off again. These gifted ‘geeks’ have done nothing but make sure you were comfortable for this inevitable meeting. Dr. McCoy has taken very good care of you, so has Dr. Janssen. I sincerely hope that you refrain from such crude language for the remainder of my visit, otherwise I’ll just have to add onto your lesson plan.”

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[F2F] Death/Pietro: murder she wrote? pft nah.

White walls. Typical. Smell of antiseptic. Typical. Death scene in a hospital. Typical and over-played. Didi sat herself within the chair set beside the paitents bed. Also Typical. She slouched foreward and looked upon the boy she’d be meeting for the second time in his life. Mutant. Typical. It seemed she was meeting a lot of them lately. She sighed and looked around the overly sterile, white room. She must have watched the same Doctor walk past her a dozen times, stare at the chair, shake their head and walk away. 

She was noticed. Heavily noticed within the walls of this room and it unnerved the furry blue man. However, if he knew what she knew, he wouldn’t be so nervous. She leaned closer to the boy and took in his features. Ah, so it appeared that his nose was indeed permanently stuck up. She giggled and flicked the tip, hoping to stir him from his sleep so she could get this ball rolling. Yes yes, high and mighty Pietro Maximoff was about to experience his first of many near death experiences. One of many lessons he will learn through out his life time. 

"Gee you sure do know how to keep a girl waiting!" Didi rolled her eyes and laid herself back into the chair, huffing, watching for the millionth time as the Doctor checked his vitals, stared at the seat, shake his head and whisk away to do what ever it was mutant doctors did. 

How pretty! These just so happen to be my favorite flower as well, Temperance.  

New York is sure swell this time of year! 

I just wish mutant hate crimes weren’t on the rise. 

"Thousands of people die from living every day. It’s the leading cause of death, everyone who lives, dies! Think about that the next time someone tells you to seize the day, and then drop-kick them squarely in the mouth"
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Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

[F2F] Morpheus/Death - Just Feeding The Birds

“I know what you are speaking of.” he stated plainly, then tapping two fingers against his lip in concentration. So it was a boy she spoke of. He listened to her words with easily noticed interest. So he was not human, as he thought? Interesting. “Perhaps another trick of Desire… No… It has been too soon for another vortex…” That was when his mind began to try and recall something long lost, but something he had a feeling was connected. When she asked if he remembered all of his creations, it finally pulled to the forefront of his thoughts.

There was something in the very tip of his memory, from so very long ago that he could barely recall how it had happened. He remembered that he had been trying to discover very depths of his terror, eons and eons ago, back when both he and the Dreaming were still rather young. With his concentration, he created from a mirror and a drop of his essence, a creature. One that looked as he did, only with more malice in his eyes and heart. Teeth that were fanged and sharp. Eyes that were red and piercing. Voice that was like rotting flesh and mud. And the ability to create nightmares none had yet to imagine.

Satisfied with the creation, and having seen the depths of his cruelty, he felt enlightened, and then aimed to return the nightmare to nothingness. The nightmare halted him, revealing that the essence now prohibited him from doing any such thing. They were mirrors, and to kill him would be to disobey the laws of the Endless. Betrayed by his own impatience and curiosity, Morpheus had trapped himself into forever letting this creation exist, and it vanished before his eyes with a blood curdling cackle.

“… I recall them all now.” he stood up, the trench coat he had formed over his body to remain inconspicuous seeming to blur for just a moment as his anger swelled. “The foul creature who my own foolishness led me to create. My ambition’s bane… The Nightmare.” He turned to Death. “The memory was so distant and faded that it almost vanished during those seventy years in confinement… He is the only one who could be behind this. It seems he has bred.”

While her brother was deep in thought, Death took it upon herself to take seed from his hands and toss it towards the birds. Watching as the birds with the most scars fought ruthlessly for their share. She sighed, he was taking way to long. Desire? Really? She rolled her eyes. she could just tell him, but that would be to easy. She didn’t wish to spoil her little brother. 

He stood abruptly, seeming to be seethed in anger. Finally she thought, subconsciously her hands began to clap lightly together. “Took you long enough. And what do you plan to do about this, Morpheus?” She stretched her arms above her head, to the right, to the left and then proceeded to stand.